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06 May

So here I am, changing my blog’s name again. It is now, writingbypaul.For those of you who periodically check it because it is a favorite, you’ll have to change that. If you only ever look at my blog because of the link on facebook, then you won’t have to change anything, it’ll still post and even mostly look the same. I somehow managed to change it in such a way that if you followed me before, you are not now. So jump on over. Or don’t I suppose. I enjoy the dialogue.

When I changed it at the beginning of the year it was for the express purpose of not explaining my blog’s name any longer. Daniel’sfictionbypaul. Self explanatory, right? Mostly, I don’t mind explaining why I’ve adopted the name Paul but. But. But I don’t just write fiction…so what then how do I explain that. I’ve really enjoyed writing about ethics. I had a lot of good response. Even when I talked about swearing people became interested. My love will always be for fiction, but I’ve had a lot of interesting dialogue about essays I’ve written.

So to those of you who read what I have to write.

Thank you.

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