From the Author

Dear Reader,

When I was a freshmen in college, an idea for a story took me captive. Looking back the writing is pretty horrible. I asked a friend of mine to look at it and with no qualms for my feelings she said, “This is terrible but do you like writing?”
“Yes.” I answered, downtrodden.
“Then it doesn’t matter. Write.”
I looked at her disbelieving, I had worked long and hard and I didn’t see how I could improve.

A year later another, simpler premise presented itself to me. Because of my job, I was able to write almost two hours every day. My first finished story was around 30 pages long. It isn’t great but reminds me of my roots (Who Will Guard the Guards?).

That same summer a good friend purchased a book for me called the Fiction Writer’s Workshop by Josip Novakovich. That, coupled with my recent writing adventure, allowed me to continue to write and hone my craft. A few friends have continued to follow me and encourage my writing. I wouldn’t be where I am unless my friends and family supported me when I’ve needed it. They are the basis for most of the character pools I draw from.

If you’re new to my site I’ll suggest three of my works which I’m quite happy with the way they’ve turned out: The Interview, The Greatest Faith, and Kopi. They aren’t my best works; I have no way of knowing which are. A few people have expressed that they enjoyed each of these. The first and last of those are probably considered flash fiction while “The Greatest Faith” is part of a series of three.

Where writing will take me in these next couple of years I don’t know but I look forward to it. It has been a great relief at certain times and a point of joy. I’m unashamed of my faith, which comes out in my writing. I love dialogue about it. If I could ask anything of you, dear reader, it would be to share my writing with one or two people if you’ve enjoyed it.

Let me explain my name.

When I was four and in Sunday school at my church my parents came in asking for Daniel (which is my name) the teacher replied, “There aren’t any Daniels in our class today.”

At first my parents were worried but then they spotted me, “What is that boys’ name?”
My parents laughed at it and probably have not thought much of it since, though they’ve told me that story more than once.

Ever since I became a Christian I wished to shed my name. It was a common practice that when Jesus said, “Come follow me.” He often changed his disciple’s names. With a changed identity, it only follows that their name was changed. My middle name is “Paul” and of the Old and New Testament prophets I’ve identified with him the most.  When I was in middle school I remember getting ready for high school and hoping I would be able to change my name but since a large amount of people knew me from middle school, that wouldn’t do. It was almost the same story from high school to college.

When I started writing I embraced it immediately.

As of March of 2012 my writing schedule is twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I really appreciate you reading.
– Paul


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