A Story Continued – 

I have a non-fiction blog as well my wordpress one. Some of this is copied from there. However this story about my time in Jakarta is just that, a story. And it fits in here through my Through my stories I try to express values from my life without being in your face. Some of this will be in your face, all of my sympathies lie with Jesus Christ.

In any case, these are posts specifically in regards to Indonesia. In time, I will likely put in stories from my time in Papua in 2010, but this is happening. As I write this, I am currently residing in a small city in Papua, Indonesia called Sentani.

I want you to know that none of what I write here is for pity. While that can sound arrogant that isn’t my intention. You might ask then, why write this? Or why post it? The real purpose is to show you the journey that I’m on. The reason I put the my whole experience instead of only the things that are pleasant is because I would by lying by omission. How could I even begin to explain what God’s been doing in my life or why I’ve been struggling with something unless you know what has happened? And really, I haven’t shared everything. That would be impossible. I have been absolutely blessed to experience what I have, hardships and all.

Hopefully it will be helpful.


My life, out of a suitcase.

Keep up with the story as it’s written…


Comments, Questions, Suggestions, Anecdotes?

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